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WAS statement about limitations of abortion rights in Brazil (PEC 181)


WAS statement about limitations of abortion rights in Brazil

(PEC 181)

In Brazil, abortion is only permissible in cases of rape, when a pregnancy threatens the woman’s life, and in the case of very serious brain damage of the fetus (anencephaly). Consequently, around one million abortions are performed illegally each year, with many of these under unsafe conditions. The Brazilian Ministry of Health reported that at least 181,000 women were treated in 2015 for complications of illegal abortion, of which 59 women died.

Reports indicate that 60% of complicated abortions occur in women under 20 years of age, because they do not have access to contraception or legal abortion. Clandestine abortions cause 1 in 8 maternal deaths and between 10 to 50% are complicated by incomplete abortion, infection, hemorrhage, perforation of the uterus, sterility and psychological traumas.

Despite acknowledging the risks and high rates of complications, the federal government is planning to make all abortions illegal. The bill – PEC 181 – will, if approved, remove all exceptions for a legal abortion. This measure is part of a constitutional amendment.

Several Brazilian organizations are currently challenging PEC 181 and the limitations it imposes on women’s sexual and reproductive rights.

The World Association for Sexual Health (WAS) denounces the bill, PEC 181, and reaffirms its support for the sexual and reproductive rights of women. Article 12 of the WAS Declaration of Sexual Rights (2014) states that everyone has the right to make reproductive decisions on their own terms, and this right includes unobstructed access to sexual health services, including safe abortions.

Beyond the clear violation of human rights recognized by international statutes concerning sexual and reproductive health and rights and the UN Sustainable Development Goals, WAS considers that obstacles to safe abortion will result in an increase of illegal and unsafe abortions, causing serious harm to women. Unsafe abortion is one of the major causes of maternal mortality in Brazil.

WAS is an international organization, with more than one hundred member organizations across the globe, that promotes and advocates for sexual health and sexual rights throughout the lifespan and across the world by advancing sexuality research, comprehensive sexuality education, and clinical care and services for everyone.

The Gold Medal Award 2019

The Gold Medal is the most prestigious honour awarded by the World Association for Sexual Health. A maximum of four medals are awarded at the WAS Biennial Congress.

Nominations may be submitted by anyone experienced in the field and should be supported by two other persons who are known to WAS.

An individual cannot nominate him or herself.

The system is confidential. The person who is being nominated should not be approached for information nor should be advised of her or his nomination at any stage.


The nominator should provide a nomination letter (in English) that includes the following:

  • Name, gender and country of the nominated person.
  • Current, or most recent, position of the nominee, (this may be paid, honorary or voluntary work).
  • A brief review of the nominee’s lifelong achievements in the field.
  • Reasons why the nominee is worthy of the award.

Letters of support (in English) from two other people who are known to WAS and are familiar with the nominee’s achievements.

A copy of the nominee’s Curriculum Vitae (Résumé) with English translations of the titles of papers published.


Documented evidence of lifelong achievement within the field of Sexology. This encompasses either professional or voluntary work in any area of sexual health, sexuality education, research, counselling, the promotion of sexual rights or any other area pertinent to human sexuality. The Committee encourages broad representation, inclusive of a variety of disciplines, countries, personal background and gender. Documents should be submitted electronically to the Chair of the Committee, Julia R. Heiman, PhD:

 CLOSING DATE FOR SUBMISSIONS: April 30th 2018 at 12 noon EDT (US, Canada)

Sexual Health & Sexual Rights For All in Porto


October 13 | 14:00 | Reitoria da UPorto

The WAS – World Association for Sexual Health will host a Public Session on the topic: Sexual Health & Sexual Rights For All



  • Maria de Fátima Marinho, Vice-Reitora das Relações Externas e Cultura, UPorto
  • Maria Emília Costa, Presidente do Conselho Científico da FPCEUP


  • Francisco Allen Gomes, Fundador da Sociedade Portuguesa de Sexologia Clínica *
  • António Pacheco Palha, antigo presidente da European Federation of Sexology *


  • Pedro Nobre (Portugal), Presidente da WAS
    World Association for Sexual Health: Mission Statement & Main Goals
  • Esther Corona (México), Vice-Presidente da WAS: Sexual Rights across the World
  • Alain Giami (França), Presidente da Comissão Científica da WAS: Sexual Health across the World
  • Ítor Finotelli (Brasil), Secretário Geral e Tesoureiro da WAS: The Legacy of Sexology


The World Association for Sexual Health (WAS) promotes sexual health through the world by developing and supporting sexology and sexual rights for all. Our membership represents more than one hundred organizations from the five continents and thousands of experienced and trainee sexologists from a variety of disciplines.

Sexual health is a central dimension of overall health and wellness and a fundamental area in people’s lives. The concept of sexual health is also closely associated with the idea of sexual rights. Everyone is entitled to have a satisfying sex life, free of coercion, discrimination and violence. The World Association of Sexual Health in its Sexual Rights Declaration(WAS, 2014) emphasizes the idea that sexual rights are essential to the full expression of sexual health and are based on universal human rights.

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The Obituary of Robert Dunlap

Besides Dr. Gindin we are also very sad to report the loss of Dr. Robert Dunlap. Dr. Dunlap was an AASECT Certified Sexuality Educator; Board-Certified Clinical Sexologist (ACS) and a long time PHOTO - LEON GINDIN AND ROBERT DUNLAPmember of The Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality, The American College of Sexologists and The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. He was a seasoned media expert, with appearances on over 400 commercials, and in print, film and television. He was the co-founder of Sex Coach University, Sexology University and the World Association of Sex Coaches (WASC), where he brought years of media expertise, training acumen and a keen knowledge of sexology. He was also a clinical sexologist, with specialization in BDSM/kink and fetish populations. 

We express our sincere condolences to his family and especially to his life partner Patti Britton who is also an active member of the WAS Advisory Committee.