The World Association for Sexual Health has several committees dedicated to international networking and influencing policies worldwide.

Statutory committees and chairs

Financial Committee

Chair: Ganesan Adaikan (Singapore)

Scientific Committee

Chair: Pedro Nobre (Portugal)

Education Committee

Co-Chair: Osmo Kontula (Finland)
Co-Chair: Charlotta Löfgren-Mårtenson

Sexual Rights Committee

Co-Chairs: Yuko Higashi (Japan) & Tommi Paalanen (Finland)

Ad hoc committees and chairs

Gold Medal Committee

Chair: Roy J Levin

Governance Committee

Chair: Pierre Assalian (Canada)

International Liaison Committee

Co-Chairs: Esther Corona (Mexico) & Alain Giami (France)

Media Committee

Chair: Cristina Tania Fridman (Argentina)

Membership Committee

Chair: Narayana Reddy (India)

Middle East Sexual Health Committee

Chair: Sara Nasserzadeh (Iran/US)

World sexual health day committee

Co-Chairs: Luis Perelman-Javnozon (Mexico) & Nadine Terrein Rocatti (Mexico)

Youth Initiative Committee

Chair: Antón Castellanos Usigli (Mexico)

The Terms of Reference for the committees can be found here.

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