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The Sexuality Education Committee (SEC) is a statutory committee of the World Association for Sexual Health (WAS). The purpose of this committee is to provide advice and support in the area of sexuality education and health promotion and to oversee the quality of educational activities undertaken on behalf of WAS. This committee is also responsible for the Excellence in Education Awards.

In addition to sexuality education SEC supports training in sexology and collects information of the training worldwide. SEC provides advice and assistance to educators, health promoters and trainers in sexology. SEC disseminates, monitors and maintain the currency of the International Standards of Practice in Sexuality Education, Health Promotion and Training in Sexology. SEC members participate in international meetings where these issues are discussed and new educational standards developed.

Members 2017-2021

Chair: Osmo Kontula (Finland)
Vice-Chair: Cristina Tania Fridman (Argentina)

Christine Winkelmann (Germany)
Doortje Braeken (United Kingdom)
Ekua Yankah (Germany)
Esther Corona (Mexico)
Patti Britton (United States)


Professional education in sexology

The “Professional Education in Sexology” Sub-Committee focuses on issues related to professional education in sexology. It was established in September 2018 by the WAS Advisory Council with the support of the Sexuality Education Committee.

The Professional Education in Sexology Sub-Committee is tasked with providing advice and support of educators in professional sexology education in the following areas:

  • Basic sexology;
  • Sexological counselling/sex therapy/clinical psycho-sexology; and
  • Medical sexology/sexual medicine.

The Professional Education in Sexology Sub-Committee will be responsible for:

  • Monitoring of WAS educational activities;
  • Provision of technical advice and assistance to educators of professional sexology; and
  • Develop and monitor International Standards of Practice in Professional Education of Sexology.

Members 2017-2021

Co-Chairs: Elsa Almås (Norway) and Christopher Fox (Australia)

Osmo Kontula (Finland)
Cristina Tania Fridman (Argentina)
Alain Giami (France)
Patricia Pascoal (Portugal)
Patti Britton (United States)

Excellence in Sexuality Education awards

The Chairs are responsible for the initiation and conduct of the Excellence in Sexuality Education awards. They promote the call for nominations through the WAS web site and other means. After evaluations of the applicants they make a recommendation to the Advisory Committee (AC) regarding the awardees, one in each for each of the three categories. These categories are Governmental Programmes, Academic Programmes, and Non-Governmental Organizations.

WAS Awards

Excellence in Sexuality Education Awardees

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