Middle East Sexual Health Committee

Middle East Sexual Health Committee

The Middle East Sexual Health Committee was established in 2009 at the World Congress of Sexology in Sweden. The committee started with four core members (in the picture above) and it is growing, now extending to eight countries within the region. Most of our members are individual members of WAS mainly due to lack of existence of sexological associations within the region. However with the growth of such organizations, future efforts will be made to encourage membership from range of organizations as well.

The World Sexual Health Day has been celebrated in seven countries in the region despite the political turbulence, multiple natural disasters and overlapping with the month of Ramadan. This shows that Middle Eastern sexologists are very committed and devoted to the field.

Members 2017-2019

Dr. Sara Nasserzadeh, Chair

Dr. Faysal El-KaK, Vice chair

Mr. Qadeer Baig

Ms. Yasmin Rola

Dr. Elham Altalla

Dr. Sandrine Atallah

Dr. Farideh Farahani

Dr. Firoozeh Raisi

Dr. Hisham Sharif

Dr. Khashayar Farhadi Langroudi

Dr. Pierre Assalian

Dr. Abasali Naseh


The Middle East Sexual Health committee (MESHC) was established to support the development of sexological associations in the Middle Eastern countries, and to promote sexology, sexual health and sexual rights in the region. Growing in popularity, the committee is recognized as the overarching umbrella organization for professionals of human sexuality in the Middle East.


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