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Gold Medal Winners

2013 Porto alegre, brazil

Lars-Gösta Dahlöf (Sweden)

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Lars-Gösta Dahlöf is a PhD psychologist based in Goteborg in Sweden, where he was for more than 30 years professor in sexology. He has been teaching sexology to thousands of Swedish students, and was also very active in promoting proper sexuality education and training programs outside his own University unit. His research areas were sexual dysfunctions, sex therapy and counselling with special interest in asexuality and in pheromones. He was also a clinician and worked as clinical sexology consultant, advisor and supervisor for hundreds of professionals in the fields of sexual health, sexual prevention and therapy. He is one of the sexual health pioneers in Sweden and established sexology as an academic subject.

Leon Roberto Gindin (Argentina)

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León Roberto Gindin graduated as physician in 1963 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He was trained as a psycho-analyst and already early in his career became interested in clinical sexology. He started CETIS, the Centre for Sexuality Education, Therapy and Research, where many of the Argentinian sexologists have been trained in the fields of Sexuality Education and Sex Therapy. He wrote several books and is an expert in the diagnosis and treatment of unconsummated marriage and vaginismus. Dr. Gindin has been a major factor in the development of sexology and sexual health in Argentina and in Latin America.

2011 Glasgow, United Kingdom

  • Ricardo Cavalcanti – Brazil
  • Chizuko Ikegami – Japan
  • Bill Stayton – USA
  • Alfons Vansteenwegen – Belgium
  • Beverly Whipple – USA

2009 Göteborg, Sweden

  • Thore Langfeldt – Norway 
  • Irwin Goldstein – USA 
  • Maria Helena Matarazzo – Brazil 
  • Julia Heiman – USA 
  • Catherine Hamlin – Australia

2007 SYdney, Australia

  • Jole Baldaroverde – Italy 
  • Eli Coleman – USA 
  • Helene O´Connell – Australia 
  • Robert Porto – France 
  • D. Narayana Reddy – India

2005 Montreal, Canada

  • William Masters & Virginia Johnson – USA 
  • Roy Levin – UK 
  • Igor Kon – Russia 
  • Walter Everaerd – the Netherlands 
  • Lorraine Dennerstein – Australia

2003 Havana, Cuba

  • Man Lun Ng – Hong Kong 
  • Rubén Hernandez Serrano – Venezuela 
  • Preben Hertoft – Denmark 
  • John Bancroft – U.K. 
  • Richard Green – U.S.A.

2001 Paris , France

  • Suzanne Aurelius – Chile 
  • Gerard Valles – France
  • Per Olov Lundberg – Sweden 
  • Erwin Haeberle – Germany 
  • Yoshiro Hatano – Japan

1999 Hong Kong

  • Ishiham – Japan 
  • Wu Jai-Ping – China 
  • Mahinder C. Watsa – India 
  • Cecilia Cardinal de Martin – Colombia
  • Gorm Wagner – Denmark 
  • Harold Lief – USA

1997 Valencia, Spain

  • Prakash Kothari – India 
  • Maj Briht Bergström Walan – Sweden 
  • Fernando Bianco – Venezuela 
  • Celestino Alvarez – Cuba 
  • Esther Corona – Mexico

1995 Yokohama, Japan

  • Helen S. Kaplan – USA
  • Sei’ichi Matsumoto – Japan
  • John Money – USA
  • Patricia Schiller – USA 
  • G. Tordjman – France

WAS Awards for Excellence & Innovation in Sexuality Education

2013 Porto alegre, brazil

NGO or Individual Category

Love Matters (LM): a series of web, mobile and social media sites that provide information and news on sexuality and sexual health for 18-30 year olds in India and Latin America. RNW based in Hilversum, the Netherlands.

Academic Programmes Category
Impact! The LGBT Health and Development Program associated to the Northwestern University Department of Medical Social Sciences, Evanston, Illinois, USA.

Governmental and Government-sponsored Programmes Category
Programa de Educación Sexual SEXUMUXU, sponsored by the Autonomous Basque Community, Universidad del País Vasco. Bizkaia, Spain.

2011 Glasgow, United Kingdom

NGO or Individual Category
Rutgers WPF. Utrecht, Netherlands.

Academic Programmes Category
Centre of Excellence in Sexual Health Education, JAMK University of Applied Sciences. Jyväskylä, Finland.

Governmental programmes category
Aha! Sexuality Education & Counselling Center for Youth, South Korea.

2009 Göteborg, Sweden

NGO or Individual Category
Advocates for Youth, USA

Academic Programmes Category
Graduate Program in Sexual Health (GPSH), Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Sydney, Australia.

Special Programmes Category
CETIS Programa de Educación a Distancia para Profesionales que trabajan con Discapacidad, Centro De Educación Terapia E Investigación En Sexualidad, Argentina.

2007 SYdney, Australia

NGO or Individual Category

Girls’ Power Initiative (GPI), Nigeria,

Academic Programmes Category
The Sexology Program at Curtin University, Perth, Australia.

Honorary Mentions
Sexual and Reproductive Health Needs of LGBTQ Youth in Mexico.
Sexual Health and Relationship Education. Iran/UK.

2005 Montreal, Canada

PESI, Comprehensive Sexuality Education Program, Mexican Association for Sexual Health.


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