Pay Annual Dues

According to the Statutes of the WAS the annual fee to be paid is based on the number of members of the organisation. This is also the basis for determining the number of votes each organization has at the General Assembly.

WAS provides a subscription to the International Journal of Sexual Health to paid member organisations with the number of print copies supplied being based on the number of member groupings below. The late fee after October 21st is 10% of the annual fee.

Number of Members Annual Fee 2018 Late payment after october 21st Number of votes at the WAS General Assembly International Journal of Sexual Health Print Copies
Individual member US$ 60 US$ 66 0 Online access
Up to 100 members US$ 140 US$ 154 1 1
101-399 US$ 280 US$ 308 2 2
400-699 US$ 420 US$ 462 3 3
700-999 US$ 550 US$ 605 4 4
1000-1999 US$ 690 US$ 759 5 5
2000+ US$ 820 US$ 902 6 6


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