WAS 40 years

New administration has been elected

Advisory Committee 2013

The General Assembly of the World Association for Sexual Health in September 2013 has elected new administration for the association. The new executives and the members of the Advisory Committee are:

Executive Officers

President: Kevan Wylie (UK)
Vice-President: Maria Pérez-Conchillo (Spain)
Secretary General: Ganesan Adaikan (Singapore)
Immediate Past President: Rosemary Coates (Australia)

Advisory Committee

Pierre Assalian (Canada)
Jaqueline Brendler (Brazil)
Antón Castellanos-Usigli (Mexico)
Cristina Tania Fridman (Argentina)
Alain J. Giami (France)
Yuko Higashi (Japan)
Osmo Kontula (Finland)
Lotta Löfgren-Mårtenson (Sweden)
Sara Nasserzadeh (USA)
Pedro Nobre (Portugal)
Tommi Paalanen (Finland)
Luis Perelman-Javnozon (Mexico)
Narayana Reddy (India)
Elna Rudolph (South Africa)
Nadine Terrein Rocatti (Mexico)
Marlene Wasserman (South Africa)