Latin America

Federación Latinoamericana de Sociedades de Sexología y Educación Sexual (FLASSES)


Jaqueline Brendler (Brazil)



The FLASSES was founded in Montevideo City, Uruguay on March 25th 1980. It is a Federation of Latin American scientific and professional societies or institutions dedicated to study and to research sexuality education and clinical sexology. The current Executive Committee was elected in Buenos Aires (Argentina) – at 2018 during CLASES and has 4 years term.

Proposals & Objectives

  • To join efforts of the member societies to advance sexology and sexuality education in each Latin American country.
  • To facilitate the exchange and the communication among the members and the international organisations.
  • To promote development and founding of sexological societies.
  • To maintain the academic, scientific and professional status of different sexological professions.
  • To create a forum to share information about scientific research and publications.
  • To organize a congress each two years.
  • To support developing sexuality education in all levels.


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