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Latin America

Federación Latinoamericana de Sociedades de Sexología y Educación Sexual (FLASSES)


Rafael Garcia



The FLASSES was founded in Montevideo City, Uruguay on March 25th 1980. It is a Federation of Latin American scientific and professional societies or institutions dedicated to study and to research sexuality education and clinical sexology. The current executive committee was elected in Punta Cana  ( Dominican Republic) –  at the 2014 CLASES and has a 4 years term.

Proposals & Objectives

  • To join efforts of the member societies to advance sexology and sexuality education in each Latin American country.
  • To facilitate the exchange and the communication among the members and the international organisations.
  • To promote development and founding of sexological societies.
  • To maintain the academic, scientific and professional status of different sexological professions.
  • To create a forum to share information about scientific research and publications.
  • To organize a congress each two years.
  • To support developing sexuality education in all levels.


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