September 4th is the World Sexual Health Day. Join the celebrations!

In 2010, the World Association for Sexual Health (WAS) called all their organizations to celebrate, on each September 4th, World Sexual Health Day in an effort to promote a greater social awareness on sexual health across the globe.

The first World Sexual Health Day was celebrated with the slogan “Let’s talk about it!” to start breaking fears and taboos surrounding sexuality. The topic of WSHD 2010 was addressed in different forums, many of which were intergenerational discussions.

World Sexual Health Day 2011 focused on youth sexual health with the slogan “Youth’s sexual health: Shared rights and responsibilities”. The topic of WSHD was a consequence of the creation of the WAS Youth Initiative and in the context of the International Year of Youth proclaimed by United Nations. Within WAS, the different members of the Advisory Committee and the Youth Initiative Committee celebrated the day by organizing a wide range of activities in their home countries, from Round Tables of Discussion to Conferences and Art Exhibitions.

The focus of World Sexual Health Day 2012 was diversity and minorities, with the slogan “In a diverse world, sexual health for all!” Around the world, activities to commemorate WSHD 2012 made visible the realities of population groups such as: elders, transgender people, people living with disabilities, immigrants.

This year’s slogan for WSHD “To achieve sexual health, picture yourself owning your sexual rights” aims to constitute a reminder on the fundamental importance that sexual rights have in order to achieve sexual health.

We invite everyone to imagine, to picture themselves owning their sexual rights!